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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Denver: Can help enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

Men and women of all ages can benefit from laser resurfacing. The ideal patient for this procedure has fair, healthy, non-oily skin. Patients with olive skin, brown skin, or black skin may be at increased risk for pigmentation changes no matter what type of resurfacing method is recommended.

Laser resurfacing in Denver can be used to:

  • Remove areas of wrinkled skin
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines, especially around the mouth & eyes
  • Effective for treating facial scars & uneven pigmentation
  • Can be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery

How it is performed:
Laser resurfacing in Denver is performed using laser energy, which vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin at specific and controlled levels of penetration for safety.

Resurfacing may offer advantages over other resurfacing methods:

  • Precision controlled so specific areas can be targeted
  • Little if any bleeding & bruising
  • Less post-operative discomfort

The outer layers of damaged skin are stripped away. Then, as new cells form during the healing process, a smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin surface appears.

  • Individuals who have taken Accutane in the past 12-18 months or are prone to abnormal (keloid-like) scarring or those with active skin infections on the treatment area may not be appropriate candidates for this procedure.
  • Recovery - 2 to 3 weeks to be "socially presentable."


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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light):

Every year, patients visit the office complaining of skin problems including fine lines and wrinkles, persistent red complexion, sun spots, acne scars, large pores and other blemishes. Various treatments, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing have been used to improve these conditions. Intense pulsed light is a new, non-ablative technique to treat the above described conditions and is also called photorejuvenation.

IPL is a uses a broad band of light energy to penetrate into different layers of the skin to target various skin structures.  Using different wavelengths of light, different targets can be effected.  The result is improvement in tone, texture, and complexion.

IPL frequently requires several short treatment sessions to optimize results.  Downtime after each treatment is typically only a few hours.  Ask your individual treating specialist for ways to enhance healing and recovery.

For more information on IPL/fotofacial treatments please contact our aesthetician Beryl by clicking here.

Active FX/Deep FX Fractional CO2 Laser:

 The Encore platform of fractional CO2 laser from Lumenis is the state of the art fractional ablative laser on the market today.  Fractional laser technology differs from older fully ablative laser technology in that it leaves areas of normal skin intermixed with areas of lasered skin to speed up healing times.  Typical patients need 5-7 days off after laser to recover using fractional technology.  The risks of extended periods of redness, scarring, and pigment irregularities are minimized.

Patients can expect significant improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration after one treatment with this laser.  Collagen content of the skin is also boosted with this laser treatment.  Occasional patients need a second treatment for optimization.

For more information on Active FX/Deep FX please contact our aesthetician, Beryl,  or one of our surgeons.  The Center for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado is the only nationally recognized training center for Lumenis Encore Active FX/Deep FX fractional CO2 laser in Colorado.

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